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About World Rickshaw Taxi
In September 2013, I want to circumnavigate the world by rickshaw taxi and meet hundreds of incredible people along the way taking over a year to complete.
Along the way I will pick up hundreds of passengers who will share their story. If you would like to be a passenger in the rickshaw click here
Each passenger signs the taxi log book and shares a message with the world.
Each country will have its own difficulties to overcome and I will need the help of everyone I meet along the way to make this possible.
Passengers can help me along on my great journey with food, drink, shelter, gifts or even some music, entertainment or a language lesson!
I aim to connect the whole journey through the people I meet. I will plot this on the route map along with people who would like to be passengers.
I will capture the extraordinary experiences I encounter using photographs, film and keeping a live blog along with current stats.

Why this way?

Cycling the world isn't enough. It's been done before and it's just become a competition to see who can do it the quickest. Unfamiliar encounters and meeting the unexpected is real adventure. A rickshaw taxi is an open invitation for anyone to jump in and get a ride! What more of an incentive is there to pay what and how you want! This could be anything that would really help me on my way, obviously the essentials of surviving are nice, but some entertainment is just as good.

I want to discover the real world and achieve this by meeting people who will show me this. It's a new way to travel and openly interact freely with people along the way. This adventure is not pedal powered, but people powered. It's an experimental research project to see what is truly possible to learn and discover through generosity and hospitality.

How will this work?

I will attempt to pick up passengers whilst travelling, but people can become passengers through this website. There more people interested in advance, the better I can plan my route and connect each location together. Each country and region will present its own problems. For its success, I will need the generosity, hospitality and the friendship from the people I meet.

Each passenger can travel to any 'reasonable' destination. Once each passenger arrives at their destination, they will be asked to sign my taxi log book where they have an opportunity to share their own message to the World. In return the passenger can pay what and how they want for the journey. This will be a rewarding experience and it will help me on my long journey around the world.

About Me:

Luke Parry near Caceres Luke Parry, Engineering Student @ Warwick University, UK

I live for adventure and looking for new unique challenges to push our perceptions of what is possible.

I seek to explore the world and learn more about it and its people and share this with everyone. We cannot expect to be satisfied by not engaging our curiosity and seeing the real picture and this is only achieved getting outside our comfort zone. Therefore I am no stranger to the cold, starvation or pain and I attempt to push endurance to new levels. Without the support and help from people I meet and know this would never be have been possible.

I believe that connecting with the people of the world and sharing these experiences drives our understanding of cultures. We ourselves can reflect on these answers to understand who we are and how we fit into our global community.

For a list of my previous expeditions, please see my personal website.