World Rickshaw Taxi - How can you help?

How Can You Help?

To make this project successful I will need all the help I can get.

Be part of the adventure

The easiest way that you can help me on this trip is becoming a passenger. If you can help, please send me a message.

Information you can tell me

I will need some help and useful information to get me around the world. Some useful information that you can help me with:

  • Visa Applications
  • General information of safety, things to watch out for
  • Laws, Customs, Traditions that will be important to know
  • Useful contacts: Newspapers, Organisations
  • Recommendation for Sights, Food, Drink, Entertainment, Events that I should visit

Help Translate

I want make this website fully accessible to everyone. I really need your help to translate any content on this website. If you feel you can help translate this website please contact me.

Help Sponsor
Most of this trip will be supported by the generosity of the people I meet along the way but this cannot be entirely self supported. I need to find a way to cover the major costs of the trip.
  • The Rickshaw and Essential Equipment
  • Transport costs e.g. Ferries and Shipping
  • Visa Applications

I am looking for both companies, organisations and individuals that would be interested in help sponsoring this journey. In return I can offer presence and brand publicity. Additionally I can offer specific PAYG rickshaw advertising campaigns to help your business within an area. Please see the Sponsors and Advertising Page.