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The Lord Rootes Memorial Fund

The Lord Rootes Memorial Fund is intended to encourage personal development by supporting challenging projects proposed by individual and groups of Warwick students demonstrating creativity of thought and the development of an original and personal objective.

247 Airport Transfer

247 Airport Transfer is a private hire company in London, providing affordable, professional and on time taxi transfers to and from the British Capital and its main airports. It also offers excellent town to town transfers, transport to cruise ports and amazing tours to some of England's iconic destinations.

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Equipment Sponsors:

Hosting and maintaining They provide web design, SEO optimisation and are specialised in internet marketing.

Sponsoring the 17 inch moped tyres and innertubes to be used exclusively on the rickshaw throughout the whole journey.

Sponsoring a water purification bottle - offering convenient, safe, clean water which will be essential for providing sufficient water on the go travelling in environments with unsuitable or contaminated water - see the review.

Voltaic Systems are helping sponsor and offer support with their 16W Solar Panel Charging Kit and V60 Power Pack to keep the World Rickshaw Taxi powered whilst on the move - see the review.

Half Baked Brand are helping sponsor a one-off custom printed cycling jersey for the World Rickshaw Taxi - see the review.
Rickshaw Advertising like nothing else

Become a Sponsor

World Rickshaw Taxi provides a brilliant opportunity to expose your company and your products to a huge audience.

The rickshaw is as a mobile marketing machine offering worldwide exposure. Embracing the world may open many new opportunities for your business that you never expected. Four tiered sponsorship packages are offered between £100 and £1000 and I can provide tailored packages to support your company's needs. Please read the sponsorship pack for more detailed information:

Sponsorship Pack: Sponsorship Pack (PDF)
Sponsorship Rickshaw Placement: Sponsorship Space Avaialable (PDF)

Rickshaw Advertising:

I am offering PAYG advertisement opportunities for the rickshaw charged competitively per day.

The rickshaw features a back panel for full impact advertising. Subject to demand and location this will be around £50 per day for the full space (630 mm x 520mm) on the back panel or a temporary space (630 mm x 250mm) at a lesser charge. Other areas can be used for advertisement too.

The customer must provide or arrange the advertising board or banner to be printed and be easily picked up.

Equipment Sponsorship:

There is a lot of equipment to help support me on this trip. I can work with your company to help provide feedback to improve services, skills and products a Sponsor can offer being utilised on a unique project like this. This journey will have many uncertainties along the road and having as much support will help conquer these challenges.


If you would like more information on becoming a sponsor and more detailed information please contact me directly below:

Tel: +44 (0)7564259173